At some point in your college career, you will likely live somewhere off campus. When you do, you may need to set up utilities and/or natural gas. Whether you have or have not yet signed a lease, we have provided questions you should ask of potential landlords, as well as some legal advice and tips for renting in Cache Valley.

Tips for Working with Apartment Management and Landlords

1. Read your lease agreement (the whole thing) and know your responsibilities and rights as a tenant. (Utah Tenant Rights)

2. Clarify with your landlord how and where you are legally allowed to park. There is NO overnight parking on city streets from November 15 through March 15 every year, and you are not allowed to park on front lawns or park strips. Make sure you have a legal place to park year-round that will not disrupt the neighborhood. (Logan City Parking Enforcement)

3. Make a list of anything broken or dirty when you move in. Take a quick picture with your phone, make a list, and send it to your landlord so both of you have a record. Most landlords provide tenants with a form to fill out for this exact purpose, but in the case they do not, take the initiative yourself.

4. Get any stipulations or changes to your contract in writing and save any communication you have with your landlord (texts or emails).

5. Be respectful to the property and your landlord. This will likely be reciprocated. 

6. Notify your landlord in writing of any repairs or maintenance that come up while you are living in the apartment.

7. Pay your rent and utilities on time.

8. Be mindful of your neighbors and the perception you and your roommates are leaving within the community.

9. When you move out, follow procedures outlined in the lease, and again document your cleaning efforts and any damages. You can usually request a "walk-through" with your landlord(s) to point out any additional cleaning that needs to happen before you leave.

10. Discuss cleaning and check out procedures with roommates and set expectations early so one roommate is not left to clear out all remaining items.

Other Resources:

(Logan City Landlord and Tenant Rights)

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